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So I'm pretty sure I LITERALLY [ metaphorically, in no way was Roxy unconscious ] passed out after prom and just sort of woke up today when Aradia and I were catchin' some water ballet in Cerulean like "whoa, I am awake and this is occurring", y'feel me? You ever been awake but not awake, sort of just existing through time then it's like whaaat it's been three weeks?

[ pause ] So, Di Stri up and ditched. [ muttering something about dumb anime-shade wearing blah-blahs ] And his riolu showed up, she's a sweetie but yelling "Roxy!" makes it sound like I'm yelling at myself...

[ noooo oooone caaaares god ]

Annnnnyway, I just... y'know, wanted to get all kinds of philosophical with y'all: I know people disappear sometimes, and sometimes they come back. But like, don't always remember being here? So. What happens to the versions of us that were here before but that don't come back? Do they go home, just live out shit as it was or...? Just disappear?
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so it occurs to me that it was prob super unnecessary to take the boat to kanto
i mean i thought hey don't pokemon games start in pallet town? i should go be there
purrincess agreed that a boat ride was an a+ choice
so i went and did the thing

(also p sure now this isn't a vivid dream go fig)

i could have stayed right in new bark town i guess and started there
i didn't break the game did i
fuck may have broke the bank a bit
2/3rds cash down
+ small chunk on all avail games for this gear thing

so kanto is where i will be either way

wait purrincess is an awful name nvm
i'll think of somethin better later

oh oh or wait i got an idea

[ After the text comes a video. The first five seconds are an absurdly close shot of Roxy's eyeballs, so uh. Enjoy that. View of the ferry walls as Roxy spins the pokégear around to show a Purrloin of impeccable class and stature. ]

I ask you, people of Pokéland, what would you name this gorgeous creature? She likes boat rides, clawing my things, and attempting to suffocate me in my sleep. Out of love, obv.

I reserve right to reject any names that are awful as fuck. I have already considered: Purrincess, Purry Herbert, and Purrity. Give me your best shot. [ Video ends with Roxy giving a thumbs up. Apparently she never thinks to introduce herself. ]
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Need to get in contact with Roxy for something that doesn't need a whole post? Call or track her down here!

yo yo this is ro lal
leave a message and maybe u will get a call back
jk jk ofc i will call back
just leave ur name!

Please name the threads with the method of contact [ text / voicemail / call / video / action ] and the date of contact if applicable! Thank you!
CURRENT LOCATION: Kanto. Somewhere.
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Like other Homestuck characters, Roxy types in a specific way:
in a bright, somewhat eye-searing pink
no capitilization except for EMPHASIS
*corrects spelling errors on the next line
does not make as many typos when sober
uses the :3 emoticon and sporadic to rare punctuation!
and uses acronyms (atm, fyi, omg, etc) as well as some troll slang
If you hate this / think it'll burn your eyes out (she will use voice or video only for the characters who opt out) please comment here with all journals that I should avoid using her text for!